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Since 1976

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About DB

DB have been supplying acoustic components in the world since 1976. At the beginning, DB worked as the current components under the customer requirement.

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Here at DB, we aim to combine the human hearing SENSATION and TECHNOLOGY, to create what we called “SENO-LOGY”. We believe by integrating this new concept into our product and services, it will help our customers significantly and enhance their competitiveness in the world market.

  •  It is our professional

  •  We develop sound into the message tone

  • Message tone to the standard in a field

  • Our sound tone is not only for the message signal, but all provide the feeling of delight, anger, sorrow and happiness.

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11 Floor,

Guangdong Finance Building, 88 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong

Phone : +852 25482098

Fax : +852 28582520

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